is an author and photographer. Her work has been published by The Voices Project, The Sandy River Review, Fishfood Magazine, Pidgeonholes Magazine, The Showbear Family Circus, and  Her work is forthcoming publication in Talking Writing and Torrey House Press. She graduated from The Culver Academies in May 2020 and is currently a student at Boston College.



For professional inquiries please contact me using the form below. 

Art: I am currently open for poetry commissions, editing photographs

Advertising: I partnered with Saal Digital to promote their products through social media

                                                      Managing and Editing: I have experiencing managing social media for Talking Writing Magazine, and copy editing for The Wingless Dreamer publishing house

                                                      Research: I am an Applied Psychology and Human Development Major and I have experience researching with case studies and writing literature reviews

A CV will be provided on request

 For all personal inquiries please direct message me through my Instagram account

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