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How To Draw A Cat Eye Sharp Enough To Kill a Man

Most of us didn't get tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras tour, but now that the videos are starting to circulate, it's easy to feel a little left out. Here are the best products to 'draw a cat eye sharp enough to kill a man' and make Tay Tay proud. Or at least, motivate you to dance like you're on a tour of your living room instead of crying off your gorgeous new makeup technique.

1. Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner 
Magnetic eyeliner?! Yes, you read that right. Kiss brand put out magnetic eyeliner for less than ten dollars
to match their magnetic eyelash sets. Because it’s made to hold eyelashes, this brand will definitely stay
on your face. Add a couple of layers of Kiss magnetic eyeliner and you can fall asleep in your makeup
(but try not to), and it’ll still look great the next morning. Although they don’t advertise it as waterproof,
in my experience, it won’t sweat off or cry off, but if you really want the perfect eyeliner look, this is not
the only kind of eyeliner you should use! Layer the magnetic eyeliner over the main part of your eye two
or three times, but don’t use it on the inside corners or as the wing of the eyeliner. 

1. NYX Waterproof Epic Wear Metallic Eyeliner
Use this eyeliner to draw a line extending the inside corner of your eye to elongate it for the viral ‘siren’
look. Then start a line underneath your bottom lashes from the point where the iris of your eye meets the
white of your eye, and then draw a line up as long as you desire the wing of the eyeliner to be. The longer

the wing and the longer the line on the inside, the more dramatic the siren look will be. If you do a small
wing on the outside, without a line on the inside it’ll resemble a more doe-eye look. Be careful not to
make the wing too thick, or it’ll make your eyes look shorter instead of elongated (picture below for

Why two eyeliners? The metallic look of the NYX liner will help it look like you have faded out the
wing because it will appear lighter than the dark Kiss eyeliner. The magnetic liner will allow you the
option to add eyelashes. You can continue to elongate your eye shape by trimming the lashes so that
instead of adding a full strip, you are only adding lashes onto the outer half of your eye. Additionally, as
strong and long-lasting as the kiss eyeliner is, it really hurts if you get it in your eye, so I prefer to do my
inner line with Nyx, just in case. And bonus, neither of these affordable brands tests their products on
Both eyeliners use thin brush applicators, but NYX also has felt-tip eyeliners for easier application. Other
eyeliners you can use are Zuzu Luxe in place of NYX, or the more expensive Tarte brand eyeliner (any
variation) in place of the Kiss eyeliner. 

In this image, I use the eyeliner brands and techniques

mentioned above. I added a bit of Tarte gold eyeshadow

and used Tarte 'Maneater' mascara to complete the look.



In this image, I added on the kiss magnetic lashes, and to                                                                                                                compensate for that, I extended out the wing of the eyeliner a                                                                                                        little bit more. Here you can see how the bottom eyeliner                                                                                                               starts where the iris of my eye stops when looking straight.

Fake eyelashes or not, hopefully, these affordable, ethical, and practical eyeliner choices will help you have the perfect makeup for any occasion. 

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